6 Fall Eyeshadow Looks You Didn't Expect in 2021

6 Fall Eyeshadow Looks You Didn't Expect in 2021

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Fall Eyeshadow Looks You Didn't Expect in 2021

Fall is a great time of year for changing up your makeup routine with darker colors and heavier liners. But if you're not into the traditional smoky eye, there are still plenty of options! We've got six unexpected eyeshadow looks that will have you looking fresh no matter the season.


You might not think of green eyeshadow as being versatile enough to wear during fall, yet softer shades mixed with gold can be an excellent way create the perfect smoky eye. Forest greens make up this look by themselves while rust and bronze tones also work well together in order for it all come together beautifully!

fall eyeshadow looks 2021 green


A purple smoky eye is a popular makeup trend that can be used for any occasion. Pairing violet and purple shadows, as well as a light or nude coloured liptick creates an elegant yet edgy look perfect for fall!

fall eyeshadow looks purple

Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

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Our Smokey Eye shadow Palette comes in 16 stunning colors for the ultimate smokey eye. Create a variety of looks with this diverse palette suitable for all skin tones. It's time to unleash the fierce!     Ingredients:  Talc, Mica,… read more

fall eyeshadow looks purple 2


We don't often think of blue as being a fall color. However, if you're willing to be a bit daring, this season, try pairing deep denim shadows with silver highlights on top to make your eyes brighter and more colorful! Bold colors can be worn all year but make sure to keep the amount of color balanced with the brightness and not overdo it. Keep your bright tones to a simple minimum for a stunning yet subtle effect.

fall eyeshadow looks blue


Metallics, metallics everywhere! From dark silver eyelids that will make you look like an ethereal creature from another world all the way down to nude lips in pumpkin spice or deep cranberry shades. Add some black eye liner to complete the look.

fall eyeshadow looks metallic

Bronze is often an overlooked fall color, but one that we totally love! Bronze-colored eyes, glimmering lips and eyeliner are perfected for a sensational look that will grab everyone's attention this time of year.


We love adding some sparkle to our everyday looks with glitter eyes. The inner eye area is where you want to focus that hint of glitter,  so it's best if this is done in a liquid liner that matches your outfit or skin tone. You can also try silver as an option since it goes well against almost any background and everyone loves how festive these little bits of shine make them feel.

fall eyeshadow looks glitter


Multi Colored Eye Shadow

You can sport an eye-catching look with just the right shades of multi-colored eyeshadows. These shadows are great for those looking to create their own personal palette, as well as try something new and different from what they usually wear on a day-to-day basis! With these colors available at any time now there's no excuse not find inspiration in one shade or another.

fall eyeshadow looks multicolored 1

Glitter Berry Halal Eye Shadow Palette

Glitter Berry Halal Eye Shadow Palette

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Our Glitter Berry Halal Eye shadow Palette comes in 16 gorgeous colors, perfect for any skin tone. Long lasting color with a creamy full coverage. Create beautiful looks with pinks and purples, or add a spark of glitter for a… read more

multicolored fall eyeshadow

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