How To Choose the Best Color Hijab for Your Makeup Look

How To Choose the Best Color Hijab for Your Makeup Look

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hijab makeup look

How To Choose the Best Color Hijab for Your Makeup Look


With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to refresh your makeup bag. When you’re wearing your hijab, there’s a myriad of makeup looks that you can experiment with. There’s nothing chicer than choosing your hijab to complement the hues and colour of your hijab. We’re rounding up a few of our favourite colours of hijabs with the perfect makeup looks and the best occasions to wear them.


Casual Everyday Makeup 

When it comes to your everyday closet, cotton hijabs are every woman’s go-to. They’re lightweight and breathable, working with any other textures or prints you have in your outfit. Our pastel cotton hijabs are our favourite style to mix and match with natural makeup looks. If you like to wear a tint of gloss on your lips or give your cheeks a coat of pink blush, our ‘Karlek’ lavender cotton hijab will be right up your street.

hijab makeup look karlek


Professional Makeup Look

Sometimes you want to treat yourself to a visit with your favourite local makeup artist. It might be for a pick-me-up at the weekend or for a party, but everyone deserves to treat themselves to professional makeup from time to time. If you want to show off your flawless makeup, an earth-tone cotton jersey will tie your look together.


Our soft cotton ‘Amour’ hijab is a light brown neutral shade that will let your stunning makeup take centre stage. It’ll complement any look from sultry dark shades to a dewy glow from within. If you want a hijab that will stand out on your Instagram feed, our white jersey hijab will make your highlight pop and give your makeup a natural shine and a healthy glow.

hijab makeup look white jersey


Evening + Special Occasions

For special occasions and eveningwear, jersey is a material that will help elevate your look. If you want the rest of your outfit to take centre stage, keep your hijab minimalistic and sophisticated with a black jersey material. This hijab works for any outfit and is the perfect colour to help your makeup pop against the contrast of the fabric. If you’re feeling daring, add a coat of red lipstick with berry eyeshadows, topping it off with false eyelashes and freshly shaped brows.

makeup hijab look black jersey

If you’re wearing a black dress or monochrome look, you can add a contemporary twist with our Limited Edition  Brown Snakeskin hijab. Lift the golden hues from the hijab and bring them out in a smoky eye makeup look. You can let your bold hijab take centre stage by keeping the rest of your makeup in a matte nude hue. 

Brown Snakeskin - Limited Edition

Brown Snakeskin - Limited Edition

$23.15 CAD

This Limited Edition Brown Snakeskin print will add a serious statement to your style. A soft cotton hijab that comes in our signature Tuesday in Love Hijab Collection box.     Length: 68 INCHES Width: 28INCHESread more

Styling your hijab to match your makeup look is the perfect way to elevate your outfit and let your makeup have a moment to shine. Which of these hijabs would you wear with your everyday makeup?

hijab makeup look

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