Make your Nails Grow Faster & Stronger - 6 Tips You Need to Know

Make your Nails Grow Faster & Stronger - 6 Tips You Need to Know

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6 Ways to Make your Nails Grow Stronger and Faster

Having strong healthy nails is a must for every woman who loves her manicures. But if you're finding that growing out your nails takes forever, or that your nails tend to break and crack every time you try to grow them out, then it may be time to look at a few health and nail care factors. We've got some important tips that will help you get those nails looking longer, feeling stronger, and ready for some manicure love!

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The health of your nails can be an excellent indicator for overall body and mind well being. When they grow too slowly or are broken often, this may indicate that you're lacking in some essential nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain optimum nail health. If their length is good,  but they’re brittle, this may indicate a mineral deficiency somewhere in your diet.

The protein keratin is found in your hair and nails too. That’s why you need a proper amount of protein that supports keratin production in your daily diet. You also need to make sure you're getting enough biotin for healthy nails. Supplements with both collagen and vitamin B12 are a great way to keep your nails healthy. However, it’s always best to check with your health care provider first before investing in any kinds of supplements.

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Keep them moisturized

Moisturizing your nails will keep them from becoming brittle and cracking. It's easy to remember, just like remembering that you should moisturize after washing hands! Remembering the importance of cuticle care can also help prevent infection in. Frayed edges can lead to damaged nail beds which in turn can increase the chances of infection. Using our Tuesday in Love Cuticle Cream is a great way to keep them hydrated, and you'll love the wonderful scents!

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Avoid Fake Nails

Can't get enough of that long-nailed look? Fake nails may be a quick fix, but beware! You're limiting your chances for healthy growth by using acrylic or dip powder nails. These products contain potentially damaging ingredients and may lead to infection if done improperly, so don't forget about regular manicures too--they'll help protect against future breakage while also making sure all surfaces are properly cleaned each time before applying new nail polish on top.

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Avoid Biting or Picking your Nails

The best way to stop picking or biting your nails is by covering them with a physical barrier, like Band-aid. If you find that this technique doesn't work for some reason and need an even more extreme measure try mindfulness meditation. Simply notice when the urge arrives; acknowledge it in order then find yourself away from whatever behavior could lead back down into addiction so easily: stretching exercises being just one example among many others.

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Use Tuesday in Love 5-Free Formula

Avoiding harmful ingredients in your nail polish like Toluene, Camphor, and Formaldehyde is a good way to keep your nails healthy. Luckily Tuesday in Love Halal Nail Polish is free of many of these harmful ingredients and a safer choice for your nails. Add this to our water permeability, your nails will stay hydrated and will avoid becoming brittle.

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Avoid Nail Trauma

Your hands go through a lot! You spend hours typing on keyboards, doing things around the house and gardening. And if you're not careful enough then this can lead to trauma in the nail which often results in peeling or breakage of nails too. But there are some easy ways that we could protect them from all those harmful forces like opening cans lids with just one hand (no need for knives), wearing rubber gloves when cleaning up spills and using strengthening cuticle cream or moisturizer after regular hand washing.

For more information on how to keep your nails healthy check out our blog post on Ways to Stop Biting your Nails 

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