Need the Perfect Gift for Him? We're Headed Homme Bound

Need the Perfect Gift for Him? We're Headed Homme Bound

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A Gift for Him made with Love

Many women find it difficult to find the perfect gift for their husbands, fathers, brothers or other male members of the family. Muslim women have always struggled with this problem, especially when there is a limited number of brands that offer halal cosmetics or perfumes for men. Luckily, Canadian company Homme Bound is one of those few brands that make an elegant and affordable variety of halal men’s cosmetics and men’s accessories. So here’s a list of some of our favorites for the special man in your life.

homme bound beard oil

Homme Bound is Great Canadian Heritage

Homme Bound is a Canadian brand that offers high quality, vitamin infused beard oil with essential B-complex vitamins to make a man’s beard strong and thick. Their products do not contain any animal product, alcohol or byproducts and the company does not test its products on animals. All their products are vegan certified, kosher certified and Halal. Homme Bound believes that a man’s beard is not just facial hair, it is his identity, a reflection of his personality and also a way of life.

One of their most popular products is their halal beard oils that have a unique blend of fragrances and are perfect for everyday use. Whether it be a day at the office, a night out, or even for a relaxing weekend, Homme Bound Beard Oils provide an elegant and sophisticated scent. Homme Bound offers 2 different fragrances in the halal beard oils:, Wolf Eyes and Brothers in Red. Each of the oils have different fragrances and leave the beard feeling soft and thick.

homme bound beard oils

The brand also has accessories for men to choose from. A beautiful selection of ties, colorful dress shoe laces and dress socks. If the man you're shopping for prefers a more subtle and traditional look, the variety of ties ranges from plain charcoal greys and browns to elegant plaid patterns. For the man who prefers a more bolder look, the colorful selection of shoe laces and patterned socks are a great gift choice.

homme bound ties homme bound laces

Homme Bound provides an easy online shopping experience for it’s customers with flat rate shipping on all orders. You can choose the product you want and add it to the cart. PayPal and all major credit card payments are also accepted, and the company also offers a return policy. Along with worldwide shipping options, each product comes in a beautiful box with a unique artistic design symbolizing Canadian pride and heritage.

A limited number of Homme Bound products are now also found on their sister company, and can be bought from the website. 

For those looking for way to show how much you care about the men in your life, Homme Bound gifts make a great option. Happy Shopping!

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