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How much does shipping cost?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Which countries do you ship to?

Which postal or courier service do you use?

Will I have to pay customs fees for my order?

I didn't receive my order and it's past the expected time of arrival. What should I do?

Water Permeability

Water Permeability

What is Water Permeable Nail Polish?

Is your nail polish peelable?

Do I have to rub the water to make it go through the nail polish

How do you do the Water Permeability Test?

Is it still water permeable with topcoat?

How many coats of nail polish will still remain water permeable?

Removing my Nail Polish

How Do I remove my Nail Polish?

Why are my nails stained yellow?

How do I remove yellow stains from my nails?

Returns and Refunds

Returns and Refunds

Do you accept return packages?

Will I recieve a full refund for a returned package?

How do I return an order?

Becoming a Retailer

Becoming a Retailer

How do I become a Retailer/Distributor for Tuesday in Love?

Store Locations

Store Locations

Where can I find stores that carry Tuesday in Love products?

How much do the retail stores charge for Tuesday in Love products?

Do you issue refunds for products purchased through retail stores?