Diversify your Eyes - Tuesday in Love Nude Eyeshadow Palette Looks 

Written by: Himani Yadav


Wearing halal cosmetics doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. Tuesday in Love's Limited Edition Nude Eyeshadow Palette comes with 16 beautiful and diverse shades to match all skin tones. With both matte and shimmery shades, this one palette can help you create all sorts of makeup looks. Read on to learn the versatility of this palette, as we provide a few examples of the various effects you can achieve with our gorgeous new palette.    

tuesday in love halal nail polish cosmetics eye shadow

For Day Wear

For any eyeshadow look, you'll want to start with some eyeshadow primer all over your lids, or simply use foundation/concealer in a pinch. Our Nude Eyeshadow Palette comes with 8 different matte shades perfectly suitable for eye-popping, yet subtle, everyday looks. You could start by applying one of the lighter shades to the lower part of your lid (a couple shades lighter than your skin tone for the best effect) with a medium-size, rounded eyeshadow brush. With the same brush, apply one of our darker shades - such as Mauve, Sable, or Espresso - around the crease of your eyes and the upper, going in small circular motions to blend the shadow most effectively to your eyelid. This shadow will create dimension and make your eyes pop. If you desire a bit more "oomph" to your daytime look, finish it off by lightly going in with a larger brush and applying a very light dusting of one of the shimmery shades (we suggest Champagne or Gold).  This look will add a beautiful, yet natural effect to enhance your eyes, ideal for a daytime look. As a final touch, a little bit of White or Nude around the inner corners of your eye for an instant brightening effect, making your eyes seem larger and more awake throughout the day.    

tuesday in love halal cosmetics nail polish eyeshadow 

For Evening Wear 

There's more to nude palettes then just natural looks, however. For a bolder look perfect for a girls' night on the town or a fancy dinner, this palette is once again all you'll need. With a medium eyeshadow brush, apply some Taupe or Lt. Pink (depending on your skintone) to the lower part of your eyelid. Some shimmery, dark shades will be perfect to add some bold dimension around the outer corner of your eye. Apply in a cat-eye-like, sharp shape for a dramatic look. Use a large, fluffy brush to blend! Lastly, with a small angled brush, take some of the Slate shade and apply it close to your lash line, thickening the line closer to the outer corner of your eye. This bold look is sure to be a head-turner perfect for a night out!    

tuesday in love halal nail polish cosmetics eye shadow

For Special Occasions 

Whether it's a wedding, graduation, or other important event in your life, you'll want to look your best. Luckily, our palette has got you covered. A nude smokey eye is perfect to add drama and make a beautiful statement on your special day. You'll need a dark shade for definition, a medium shade for blending, and a lighter shade for highlighting. Once again, sweep the shimmery medium shade (matching your skin, of course) all over your lid with an eyeshadow brush to create a base color. Take a darker shimmery color around your crease to add dimension, and blend it out with a fluffy brush, creating a subtle transition between your two shimmery shades. Finally, add just a dab of the lightest shade, White, to the inner corners of your eyes (you can use your fingertips for this step), to create an utlra glam, brightening, and glowy effect.  


Of course, these are all just suggestions. With 16 diverse shades in our palette of halal cosmetics, you can create a huge variety of looks for any type of wear that you desire. Be sure to grab Tuesday in Love's Limited Edition Nude Eyeshadow Palette - it's not available for long!

tuesday in love halal nail polish cosmetics eye shadow

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