Luscious Lashes Every Time - 5 Mascara Application Tips You Need to Know

Written by: Jonah M.       


I’m sure that all beauty enthusiasts know just how important a part mascara plays in your beauty regime. It really can brighten up your eyes like no other! Your eyes can have that luscious, voluminous look with super black lashes. The best part? If you choose the correct mascara, the need for false eyelashes becomes almost non-existent.

tuesday in love halal cosmetics mascara

Tuesday in Love’s Power-Lash Mascara is a beauty MUST HAVE!

In recent times, halal cosmetics have been gaining momentum but still finding a halal product which can give stiff competition to others is tough. But not anymore! Tuesday in Love’s Power mascara is just the product for you - super black pigment with a great, flexible wand-packaged in a pretty, compact tube with an amazing formula.The mascara has a lengthening serum which helps you attain longer, bolder and fuller lashes. It’s also great for sensitive eyes. The formula is water resistant and fiber-free. 

 tuesday in love halal cosmetics power lash mascara

Tips to Apply Mascara Like A Pro

You may think that applying mascara is not rocket science but actually, there are a few tricks to help you nail perfect eyelashes, every time!


Rule #1: Apply to Your Upper Lashes Only  

This is a well- protected beauty hack. Top makeup artists will usually apply mascara only to the upper lashes as it makes your eyes appear wider and more open. If you still want to apply the product to your lower lashes, then you should ensure that you just lightly touch your lashes. Using a tissue under your lashes can facilitate easy and mess- free application.       

Rule #2: Thou Shalt Do the Zig- Zag

This is the ultimate method to make the product cover every lash. Move your wand in a zig-zag motion and watch the difference. Tuesday in Love’s mascara wand is really easy to use and makes this technique very easy.   

tuesday in love halal cosmetics mascara zig zag

Rule #3: Thou Shalt Invest in a Lash Comb  

Lash Combs are a great invention to help you bid farewell to clumpy lashes. Apply the mascara at the base of the lashes, then use the comb brushing from the base to the tip. If you don’t want to use a lash comb, just make sure that you remove the excess product from your wand. Before application, ALWAYS remember to wipe off your wand on a tissue to make it as good as new. This will give you smooth application every single time.    

tuesday in love halal cosmetics mascara comb

Rule #4: Thou Shalt Apply Two Coats

You’ll be surprised to know that the actual trick to this rule is knowing WHEN to apply the second coat. If you want to reapply, you have to do it before the first coat dries off. After that, you’ll just clump your lashes giving you spider legs. It's recommend that you reapply only up to 3 times.

tuesday in love halal cosmetics mascara clump

Fun Fact: Tuesday in Love’s mascara will give you the perfect lashes on the first application itself.  

Rule #5: Thou Shalt Not Pump

Pumping the wand in and out of the mascara tube will actually make your mascara dry out faster! Shocked? Pumping the wand in-and-out ushers oxygen into the tube making the formula dry out.  


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