The Battle for Building Better Eyebrows

Eyebrows function primarily to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are also important to human communication and facial expression.  Eyebrows also play a role in defining one’s age. According to recent research, eyebrows are higher in younger women, whereas middle aged women who experience a normal loss of peri-orbital bone and fat have eyebrows that begin to droop. This gives a false look of fatigue or sadness. Hence, maintaining proper brow shape and structure can play an essential part in looking youthful.

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Eyebrows that are too high can make you look surprised. Too narrow, and they can make you look angry.

The most important part of creating the perfect brow is fullness. Add this to the proper arch and you’ll create a beautiful frame that balances the angles and lines of your face.

Having the right shape for your brows requires some basic understanding of how your brows frame your face. And knowing a few simple rules of thumb can help make maintaining them a lot easier.

3 Simple Rules

Rule 1 – Maintain the proper space between your brows. Even if you think unibrows are trendy on the catwalk these days, the overall consensus is that they look freakish and unkept. If the gap between your brows is too small, your eyes will look narrower or too close together. If the gap is too wide, your eyes will look too far apart. The best way to determine where each brow should start is by measuring a straight vertical line from the outer part of your nostril to the inside corner of your eye (see figure).

Rule 2 – Learn where to place the arch of your brow. Depending on whether or not your eyebrows have a naturally defined arch, you can estimate the arch to be at the point where you draw a straight line from the outer part of your nostril, through the pupil of your eye, to the arch of your brow (see figure).

Rule 3 – End your brow from the outer part of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. (see figure).  If your eyebrows aren’t long enough, you can always use an eyebrow pencil to fill in additional length.

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3 Simple Rules for Perfect Eyebrows

Give your Eyebrows Volume and Depth

When it comes to giving your brows volume and structure, there are also some important things to remember.

Brushing – Brushing your brows is a vital step. Take into account the overall shape of your face and natural brow growth pattern, and brush within these boundaries. This will create a more natural shape rather than a harsh specific shape. Brows will naturally reveal their ideal shape when they haven’t been plucked for at least four to six weeks.

Adding Depth – To add additional depth, choose a pencil with a fine tip in order to create small strokes that mimic actual hairs. To create a heavier look, use an angled brush with powder. To get a more natural look to your brows, use a lighter and more muted color than your brow hair.

If you have thinner brows and want to thicken them up, brow gel can add great texture and volume making them appear thicker. Tinted brow gels work wonders on disguising grey hairs and adding depth to individual hairs that are sometimes too light to be seen.

The brow hair in the tail (end of the brow) should be longer in order to add opacity and length to the tail. The head (or inner part above tear duct) can be trimmed slightly to create a tuft but be careful not to trim too short.

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