Colors for Light Skin Tones

Nail Polish Colors for Light Skin Tones


If you have light skin, some of the most flattering colors for your hands will be light pinks such as Summer Crush and Ice Queen. Also lavenders like Hold My Hand and Never Let Go are great for any season. French manicures are always a classic and if you like reds, a classic red such as Lust is a must have in your daily wear arsenal.


Hijabs for Light Skin Tones

Light skin tones look better with darker or bold colors. Therefore, basic black often is the easiest choice of hijab. Tuesday in Love’s black Suka Hijab is thus a great investment for anyone with a light skin tone that needs a hijab suitable for almost any occasion. Other colors to consider from the Tuesday In Love range would be Bogoh (a deep maroon) or Liefde (medium pink). Because these colors are from the red and pink family, they are great for light skin and cool undertones. It is best to avoid colors such as beige or light brown.


Lipsticks for Light Skin Tones

The trick to finding the perfect lipstick color for your lips is simply this: get a lipstick color that is a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips.  It is as simple as that. Therefore, if you have fair skin, you should go with soft pinks and corals to match the pinkish tone of your skin. Colors from our Matte Velvet collection such as BFF (coral), TMI (light pink), and TTYL (cool pink) are perfect for any occasion.




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