3 Color Manicure - Trends for 2024

3 Color Manicure - Trends for 2024

One of the latest trends in nail art is the 3 color manicure trend, which allows you to showcase multiple colors on your nails for a playful and eye-catching look. If you're looking to do something fun, unique and classy with your manicures, you'll want to read this!

The 3 color manicure trend involves using three different colors of nail polish on each hand, creating a unique and exciting look that is sure to turn heads. To achieve this look, you can either use a different color on each nail or alternate the colors on each finger (with an ombre effect, or French tips, for example). The possibilities are endless, and you can get as creative as you want with your color combinations.

One of the best things about the 3 color manicure trend is that you can choose colors that complement each other or go for contrasting colors for a bold and daring look. We've recently come out with some new color combinations for our 3 Color Gift Sets, and there's a perfect combo for any mood.

Here are some of the best halal nail polish colors from Tuesday in Love that you can use for your 3 color manicure:

1. Off White Set

off white 3 color gift set tuesday in love halal nail polish

off white gift set

This classy set includes light pastels for an elegant breezy look. Cloud 9 is a cool off white with light powder blue undertone. Missing You is a an off white with a grey undertone. Love Yourself is a cute pale white with lavender undertone. Put them together for a gorgeous summer vibe!


2. Tropical Vacay Set 3 Color Manicures - Trends for 2023

Tropical 3 color gift set tuesday in love halal nail polish

3 color gift set tropical halal nail polish

Off to a warm destination for a well deserved vacay? Then you'll want to color your nails with this fun tropical set. Sipping Lemonade is a light pastel yellow that'll brighten any outfit. Precious is a light aqua blue that will remind you of warm ocean waters by the beach. Sweetie Pie is a cute camel nude with peach undertones that looks great on all skin tones.


3. Dark Femme Fatal Set

3 Color Dark set tuesday in love Halal nail polish

Looking for a bold and sophisticated look? Our Dark Set is all about adding a classy finish for a chic evening look. A Deeper Love is a favorite deep cranberry red. Mr. Grey is a dark medium grey that adds a touch of sophistication. And Bad Romance is an enticing dark navy with a shimmer finish. Put them together and you've got a serious femme fatal manicure!


4. Earth Tone Set 3 Color Manicures - Trends for 2023

earth tone gift set tuesday in love halal nailpolish

For those who love earth tones and being one with nature, the Earth Tone Set is a must have. Perfect for almost every skin tone, these shades are all about harmony and balance. Green Machine is a classic medium olive. Fantasy is a deep caramel brown with a shimmer finish. Love Song is a light beige with butter yellow undertones.

So no matter what your style, or whatever the occasion, you can rock the hottest trend with you manicure. Try your favorite combinations today, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @tuesdayinlove for the latest deals and savings!

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 3 Color Manicures - Trends for 2023


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