Love Around the World

When we established our company, our mission was simple - To spread love around the world. And part of that commitment includes changing the lives of those less fortunate. That's why proceeds from every sale of Tuesday in Love products are donated to Islamic Relief Canada supporting their mission to bring aid to children and their families around the world.

Islamic Relief Canada love around the world

tuesday in love charity islamic relief canada

1 in 5 children worldwide ale iving in extreme poverty. Many of these simple necessities and rights are out of reach. Instead, their life is incredibly challenging, with the risk of illiteracy, disease, child labour, lifelong poverty and even death.

Living in refugee camps, traumatized by war or simply unable to go to school in their local community due to crippling poverty, these children lack the means to keep safe at home, access critical education and medical and/or psychosocial care. Their futures look unsafe, uncertain and bleak.

Islamic Relief Canada works with communities to strengthen their resilience to calamities, and provides vital emergency aid when disasters occur.

Helping communities access basic services, including educationwater and sanitation, as well as healthcare. Islamic Relief Canada provides lasting routes out of poverty through sustainable development schemes and their integrated approach to progress is transforming communities worldwide.

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