3 Summer Beauty Tips for the Ultimate Glow

3 Summer Beauty Tips for the Ultimate Glow

Summer is only a few days away! Did you know your beauty routine may need to be changed up with the seasons? Here are some tips to have a (halal) hot girl summer without having a face full of melting makeup.

It’s almost summer time! Summer is less than a month away, and depending where you live, the sweltering heat of summer may already be hitting you. It’s always advisable to switch your beauty routine up so that it’s seasonally appropriate. For example, if your skin is oily, you may not need the heavier face creams or oils you use during the winter when your skin gets drier. You may need to use hair masks or oils to nourish and condition your hair more if you’re shampooing more often because of a sweaty scalp. These are just a few examples. So let’s talk about how to have a (halal) hot girl summer without your makeup melting off.

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Use sunscreen

First and foremost, let’s start with the basics. Everyone should use sunscreen, regardless of complexion. It’s a myth that darker skinned people can’t or don’t get skin cancer. Plus, sun damage can do a number on your skin and cause fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging. No one wants that.


There are two types of SPFs: chemical and mineral. If you’re using a chemical SPF, it should go on first during your skin care routine, before your moisturizer. To check if your SPF is a chemical blocker, look for active ingredients that include avobenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, or homosalate. If you’re using a mineral SPF (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide), it should be the last step in your morning skin care routine. The best sunscreen is one that you’ll consistently use, so slather up!


Don't Forget About your Hair

Yes, UV rays can harm your hair too! The summer sun can still affect your hair even if you’re a hijabi and your hair is covered. It’s likely that you shampoo more frequently during the summer because of a sweaty scalp – even more likely if you’re a hijabi – which means that your hair can get stripped of its natural oils more easily. This makes conditioning your hair during the summer important. Check out Tuesday In Love’s line of organic halal hair care, including our scalp scrub to help you get a deep clean and our hair oils.

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Use appropriate skin care for your skin type 3 Summer Beauty Tips for the Ultimate Glow

Some people notice an increase in acne during the summer because of the sweat, oil, and grime that can build up in your pores. Tuesday In Love has an excellent line of skin care formulated specifically for acne-prone skin called Care that consists of a facial cleanser, spot treatment, and a daily lotion.


Tuesday In Love also has a variety of other organic halal skin care products including face masks, cleansers, and oils. If you’re looking for a summer skin detox, you’ll love our Detox Skin Care Gift Set.

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Finding a beauty routine that works for you even when the weather is hot will help keep your skin and hair looking their best as the temperatures keep rising. And we know we already said this, but don’t skimp on sunscreen, no matter what complexion you have. Here’s to hoping you have a fabulous summer full of adventures, friends, love, and great beauty days, inshallah!


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