5 Bad Beauty Habits You Should Quit Now

We love all things beauty, but some beauty habits are bad for you – and can even be dangerous. Here are five bad beauty habits you should quit doing immediately!

Beauty, skincare, and makeup can be so much fun. It can be a form of self-expression, it can make you feel confident and amazing, and it can even be a form of art. But if you fall into bad habits, there are certain things that can be downright bad for you. Let’s take a look at a few bad beauty habits – and if you’re guilty of any of these beauty blunders, it’s time to put a stop to them, ASAP!


Sharing makeup

Getting glammed up with your girls is always fun, but be careful! Sharing makeup pre-pandemic was already yuck, but now?!

Don’t do it, girl. COVID aside, this is one of the most common ways to spread germs – especially with eye products like eyeliners and mascaras. Please, please, please be stingy with your stash. Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to germs and conjunctivitis and eye boogers. (Gift your friends their own Tuesday In Love eyeliners and mascaras here, so you don’t have to share yours!)

bad beauty habits share makeup 

Not using sunscreen

We all want that healthy sun-kissed glow, but risking wrinkles, skin cancer, and premature aging just isn’t worth it when there’s bronzer. Yes, the sun provides much-needed vitamin D, but you should still sport sunscreen. You can still unfortunately get skin cancer even if you’re brown or Black. It doesn’t discriminate. So play it safe, and get your glow from Tuesday In Love’s powder highlighters: Magic, Fleek, and our highlighter duo.


Sleeping with makeup on

Being alive is kind of exhausting sometimes…we get it. As tempting as it is to just put on your pajamas and jump into bed, don’t skip washing your face. Your skin renews itself while you’re sleeping. If you’re sleeping with makeup on, the end result will be clogged pores, blemishes, and breakouts. So take a few minutes and wash all your makeup off, all the time, no matter what. Try our Tuesday In Love Grapefruit & Lime facial cleanser for a real treat! If you’re in a funk and really can’t manage fully cleansing your face, keep some makeup wipes handy. Cleaning it off with a makeup wipe is better than going to sleep in a full face of makeup.

bad beauty habits sleep makeup 

Using heat to style your hair daily

Resist the urge to burn your hair into submission with heat styling. While your hair may look great at first, it’s horrible for your hair. Once in a while is okay, but using heat on your hair daily is a big nope. When you do use the blow drying, curling iron, or flat iron, always use a protective spray specifically for heat styling, and treat your hair afterwards with deep conditioner and hair oils. The Tuesday In Love hair oil set contains a powerful combo of oils, including an argan oil formula, that will help hydrate, nourish, and replenish your hair.


Using dirty makeup brushes

Trust me, I get it. Mornings are hectic, and you barely have time to put your face on in the morning, let alone clean brushes. But dirty brushes can cause breakouts. And now I’m really about to gross you out. They’re bacteria breeding grounds, and they can even harbor mold between the fibers. Now do you really want to smear all that all over your face? Rinse your brushes weekly with warm water, and wash them monthly with baby shampoo or brush cleaner. (Need some new brushes? Check out Tuesday In Love’s makeup brushes here.)

 bad beauty habits makeup brush clean

Okay, sis – time to fess up! Which of these are you guilty of? Drop a comment and let us know…and tell us your favorite beauty hacks! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @tuesdayinlove.


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