5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Ages

5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Ages

5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Ages

As with all our body organs, skin ages as programmed by our genes. This is called internal ageing. Dry skin, age spots, white hair, hair loss, thin nails and other skin changes come purely due to age. However, the skin also ages by external factors, the sun being the main one.


The sun’s rays consist of a light spectrum and ultra violet rays are part of this spectrum.  Ultraviolet rays have two major types that damage our skin, UVA and UVB.  Ageing due to sun exposure is called photo-ageing.

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The sun breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin and this is one of the major reasons that our skin loses its elasticity and firmness and develops premature wrinkles. Photo ageing depends on the skin color and the amount of sun exposure over the years. Individuals with dark skin show less sun damage due to the higher levels of melanin (skin’s pigment), while fair skinned people show more sun damage for the same exposure. With increasing age, the total sun exposure increases and gives rise to not only age spots, but also increases the risk of more serious problems such as actinic keratoses and skin cancers. The best way to prevent sun damage is to protect your skin from direct sun exposure. This includes wearing clothes that cover exposed parts, or using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

 5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Ages


We seldom think of gravity as a factor in skin aging, but as you might have figured, gravity pulls everything towards the earth – including our skin. As we age, the effect of gravity becomes more and more evident. The loss of elastin in the skin with ageing plays a role in this. With gravity, jowls form (the sagging skin on our cheeks), the ears elongate, and even the tip of the nose can elongate.  Unfortunately, unless you plan on moving to the moon, you really can’t do much about the force of gravity on your skin.

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Smoking 5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Ages

Smoking plays a major role in skin ageing. It’s been found that smokers form wrinkles sooner than non-smokers and also develop unsightly yellow hues to their skin tone. Smoking brings about biochemical changes in the body that accelerates not only the ageing of skin, but other organs. By quitting smoking, this can be stopped to a certain extent.


Facial Expressions

When we make facial expressions, we use facial muscles and the skin forms lines. With age, the skin loses its ability to spring back and lines form, and therefore with repetitive facial expressions, these lines can become more pronounced. To help reduce such lines and wrinkles, think about how often you feel stressed, angry, or upset. Frowning has a serious effect on facial skin as it can cause increased lines across the forehead as well as more pronounced lines at the corners of the mouth.

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Your Sleeping Position 5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Ages

Sleep lines can form over the years depending on your sleeping position. If you sleep with your face down on the pillow, you may develop wrinkles on your forehead. If you sleep on your side with your cheeks resting on the pillow, your jowls may become more pronounced over the years. To avoid formation of sleep lines, change your sleeping position frequently. The best position to reduce sleep lines is lying on your back.

Daily Skin Care to Slow Down Skin Ageing

There are some great ways to fight the ageing process of the skin. Part of this includes having a good diet that's high in fruits and vegetables, as well as having a good skin care routine with products that are free of harsh chemicals, perfumes, and dyes. Tuesday in Love Halal Organic Skin Care has a great selection of gentle cleansers, face scrubs, and face oils for a daily routine that will leave your skin feeling and looking youthful. Check out the complete selection at https://www.tuesdayinlove.com/collections/halal-organic-skin-care

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