Al-Zahrawi – Father of Halal Lipstick

Al-Zahrawi – Father of Halal Lipstick

Cosmetology in the Golden Age of Islam

Islamic history often dictates accomplishments in many different fields. You may think of medicine, mathematics, or perhaps astronomy. There’s a good chance however, that cosmetics (or in this case Halal Lipstick) are probably not ranked in your top ten.  You may be surprised to know that one of the greatest historical surgeons of the Islamic golden age, Al-Zahrawi, also happened to be one of the fathers of modern day cosmetology. His work includes creating lipstick, deodorant, and even sun tan lotion.

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Al-Zahrawi – Created one of the first halal lipsticks.

Recognized for his medical encyclopedia entitled Al-Tasreef, Al-Zahrawi had created a collection of 30 volumes of medical text. After being translated into Latin, these books were used in 12th to 17th century European medical schools. One particular volume of his collection had a chapter dedicated completely to cosmetics (Adwiyat Al-Zinah) and is considered the first original Muslim work in cosmetology.

Many Islamic teachings refer to cleanliness, and care of the hair and body.  Much of Al-Zahrawi’s writings referred to methods that helped improve hygiene. These included under-arm deodorants, hair straightening, suntan lotions, and hair dyes. He described the benefits of various products, their ingredients, and manufacturing process.

What made his work even more unique was that he was one of the first people to create the modern day “halal lipstick”. In his works, he referred to perfumed stocks rolled and pressed into special molds. These stocks contained red dyes to which women would apply to the lips for beautification. The ones without dye are similar to the modern day deodorant sticks. He used oily substances called Adhan for medication and beautification. Within Islamic boundaries, Zahrawi created one of the earliest forms of grooming.

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