Choosing the Right Hijab for your Skin Tone

Choosing the Right Hijab for your Skin Tone

Wearing the right hijab color for the season and for your skin tone is vitally important for both the way you look and the way you feel. Tuesday In Love offers a wide selection of hijabs that complement different skin tones and make great gifts for friends and family.

How then, do you choose the correct color for your skin tone?

It all depends on whether you are light, medium or dark skinned and whether you have a warm or cool undertone. By understanding the shades and undertones of your skin, you’ll avoid choosing a hijab that washes out your color. Not sure whether you have a warm or cool undertone? Not to worry, here’s a quick way to check:

One way to check whether you have warm or cool undertones is by using the jewelry you would normally wear. If you look better in gold, then you have a warm undertone. If you look better in silver, then you most likely have cool undertones. You can also check your veins. Are they blue or green? If they look more blue, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’ve got warm undertones. 

How to Choose The Right Hijab For Your Skin Tone

Choosing the Right Hijab for your Skin Tone

Cool (Dark) Skin Tones

Warm (Light) Skin Tones

Hijab For Light Skin Tone 

Light skin tones look better with darker or bold colors. Therefore, basic black often is the easiest choice of hijab. Tuesday in Love’s black Suka Hijab is thus a great investment for anyone with a light skin tone that needs a hijab suitable for almost any occasion. Other colors to consider from the Tuesday In Love range would be Bogoh (a deep maroon) or Liefde (medium pink). Because these colors are from the red and pink family, they are great for light skin and cool undertones. It is best to avoid colors such as beige or light brown. Therefore, hijabs like Mohabbat (medium Brown) and Amour (light brown beige) would not be suitable if you have cool skin undertones.    

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Hijab For Medium/Neutral Skin Tones

Those with a medium skin tone (having both cool and warm undertones) are best suited for neutral colors. Such colors could include Hubb (dark chocolate brown), Ai (cream white), Amour (light brown) and Mohabbat (medium brown). Autumn and earth tone colors look great for those with a medium skin tone, so colors like Rakkaus (olive green) would be a great choice.

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Hijab For Dark Skin Tones

Girls with dark skin tones are quite lucky as their unique and versatile skin tone can pull of almost any color of hijab. However, it is best to avoid those colors that come close to your tone as they might blend too closely and look lost. Some of our favorite colors to consider from be Cinta (coral), Jecayl (light pink), Amour (light brown) and Lyublyu (mint green). The classic go to hijab for girls with dark skin is white or ivory. Therefore, Ai (cream white) is a great investment for your collection.

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Did You Know?

Each hijab in the Tuesday in Love collection is given a name that means “love” in a different language.

Have a favorite color of hijab that you’d like to see as part of the Tuesday in Love Hijab Collection? Let us know! 

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