Emotional Benefits of Nail Polish

Emotional Benefits of Nail Polish

The application of nail polish is not just about fashion. It has a unique soothing and psychological calming effect unlike other tasks. Applying nail polish can be ritualized in a calming series of actions, or can simply be put on to kill time. No matter how you apply it, your emotional response to it will most likely be a pleasurable and satisfying one.

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Emotional Benefits of Nail Polish

The psychology of color teaches us that different colors often reflect our mood. And hence the application of color to our makeup, wardrobe, or hands, can be an indicator to the outside world of how we may be feeling that day. More so, it can be a reminder to ourselves of how we want to feel every time we glance at that color. For example, a soft baby pink manicure might make you feel cute and light-hearted, whereas a deep dark red may empower you to feel bold and in control. Despite the subtle nature of nail polish, the constant reminders of a particular color throughout the day often has a reinforcing effect on the brain when associated with a particular mood or feeling.

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The process of applying nail polish also has a very calming effect due to the ritualistic nature. In order to get a proper finish to your nails you might need to go through various stages of prep including cleaning your nails, trimming them, and buffing them. Then with the gentle application of the polish in a specific order and stroke, your brain is required to focus quite diligently on the task. This focus is what helps keeps the other daily clutter out of our minds. Therefore, by engaging in this process we’re actually practicing a type of meditation and mindfulness, which are excellent for our mental health.

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So whether you’re getting ready for a night out, or pampering yourself on a lazy weekend, enjoy the moment with your favourite colors. Love yourself, because you deserve it.

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