Evening Makeup – How to Make an Unforgettable Entrance

The Night is all about Drama

Evening Makeup – How to Make an Unforgettable Entrance

Adding drama to your look is what Evening Makeup is all about, and that begins by with a dark charcoal liner. Using blacks and dark blues, smokey effects and intense flicks help achieve that perfect dark smoldering look. And if you’ve got the skills, enhance your look with a daring smoky eye.  But the night is also about color. So if your makeup routine isn’t about drama or dark shades, you can utilize bold colors for that perfect look.  From bright graphic lines to avant garde patterns, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops when it comes to going bold with your eyes when the sun goes down.

Bring the intensity at night with dramatic eyes.

Evening Makeup – Metallics make their Mark

Metallic shades have always played a big role in formal events. Silver and gold is back in style this year, and it all looks great on your eyes. Enhance your look with a hint of glittery makeup, or make a bold statement by drenching the eyes in shimmering eye shadow. Also, try softly brushing brow bones with a bit of glossy shine, or creating a killer cheekbone highlight with a dash of sparkles.

Tuesday in Love Halal Cosmetics

All that glitters…

Dark Deep Lipsticks Evening Makeup – How to Make an Unforgettable Entrance

Nothing brings intensity to a look than a dark lipstick and an evening event or wedding is a perfect time for those favorite dark shades. Pull out the burgundy, purple, and browns. Tired of matte lips? Gloss is making a comeback. So for that extra dramatic pop, brush over those lips with gloss. Classic, timeless and never goes out of style.

lol matte liquid lipstick

A deep shade of purple or brown makes a bold yet elegant statement


Don’t Forget Your Nails!

Having a set of matching nails to compliment your dark lipstick or eye shadow will put the icing on the cake. Dark reds and purples mixed with an accent silver or gold gives the perfect highlight to your look. Whether you want just one nail to shimmer with metallic luster or all ten to bling, evening events are the perfect time to indulge in your favorite sparkling manicures.

purple reign halal nail polish

Add some sparkle with metallic nail polish


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