How to Apply Halal Concealer

How to apply concealer

Concealers (or a color corrector) are a type of cosmetic that masks different pigments on the skin by blending with surrounding areas. The thicker texture makes it perfect for hiding dark circles, large pores and other small blemishes seen in years gone by without having to resort too much makeup.

Choosing the right shade of concealer for your skin can be tricky. To find out what color matches you perfectly, gently dab different shades on to an area where one side is light and another dark - like near outer corner of your eye. This will allow you to see how they match up with your own complexion.

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Brighten Your Eyes

To help you look more youthful and awake, apply concealer under your eyes. Use the fingertips on one hand to lightly apply it on in small dabs. Always be sure to apply it to both the inner and outer corners of the eye.


Contour Your Nose Correctly

Concealer can help you even out your skin tone and cover any blemishes, but it also has the power to sculpt. Apply concealer near the bridge of your nose but do not bring the line down towards the tip - This will make your nose look longer.

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Don't Forget your Forehead

When you want your face to look brighter and more open, apply concealer below the center of your forehead. Blend in gently to get a natural and clearer complexion.


Applying to Your Lips

When you're trying to make your lips look bigger, concealer is a great tool. Apply and blend your concealer around the edges of your lips towards your cupid’s bow.


Create Great Contour

If you’re looking to give your face a more contoured look, then look for a slighter darker concealer. Use this around the nose and cheekbones to create more shade and a more contoured look.

The Tools to Apply

Many concealers come with their own application wand. However, to get smoother coverage, you may want to invest in a good contouring brush. We recommend Tuesday in Love’s concealer brush #09. This is a flat and tapered brush with a rounded tip. This design is ideal for patting down concealer and achieving maximum coverage in targeted areas.

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Made from cruelty free vegan synthetic bristles, our brushes have long tapered wooden handles for easy grip and control.

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