Halal Nail Polish that’s cruelty-free and I’m obsessed with it

The best halal nail polish, hands down.

I’m not going to pretend that I was one of those girls who were hell-bent on finding a happily ever after.

So when it happened, no one was more surprised than me. I expected to be shyer and more reserved but I guess when you meet someone you click with, all of that goes right out of the window. As does much of your common sense. I don’t think there’s a way to describe it that doesn’t make me cringe but it’s kind of like diving off a cliff and enjoying the fall. Life becomes a little less exhausting when you have someone to share it with.

I found myself doing everything I had mercilessly teased my friends about – constantly smiling and dressing up just that tiny bit nicer. But there was still a part of me that was cautious, silently preparing to lose it all. Because if I’m not worried about something, am I really me?

One of the aspects of my life that became more important was my faith and doing things correctly. It’s so easy to get carried away with newly-requited love, that you forget you could lose everything.

I embarked on a journey to do everything with Barakat (God’s blessings). Making a decision to start a life with someone new is hard enough, I figured we could use all the blessings we could get. It was a mentality I hoped to apply to all parts of my life.

Out of the 19+ nail polish brands stocked at @Sephora, I was shocked to find out that there were almost no cruelty-free nail polishes. What happened to stocking @TuesdayinLove?CLICK TO TWEET

I’m pretty girly, so pretty things are my life. In planning for special events, I took much pleasure in letting out the crazy shopaholic in me. I mean it’s allowed, right? But I took care to ensure that everything I bought was made and sold in an ethical manner. But I found myself at a dead end when it came to nail polish.


Yes, nail polish – it may sound absurd to you but it’s always been a huge part of my life. You know how some women love shoes because their feet never change size with their weight? That’s me with hands. As bloated or un-pretty as I often feel, my hands can always look pretty. I’m known for constantly changing up my nails to reflect my mood or cheer myself up.

Everyone has their thing – nails are mine. Judge away.

My go-to has always been Sephora but it genuinely broke my heart to realize how many products I’d been using that were not cruelty-free. For years I’d been carelessly purchasing products that had been tested on poor animals. It took a while to look at my cats without guilt.

It really weighed heavily on my conscious and tainted my love for nail polish. That was until I discovered Tuesday in Love. What first caught my attention was the beautiful shade, A Deeper Love. I figured it’d just break my heart again but then I saw a halal declaration and decided to look into it.

Maybe there was a kinder nail varnish out there that could revive my love?

Courtesy of Tuesday in Love

I was not disappointed: Tuesday in Love is cruelty-free, but in addition to that, the brand is also child-labor-free, which was something that hadn’t even occurred to me before. If my conscience was not already settled, it was lovely to find out that proceeds from every purchase also went to charity.

Another perk is that the nail polish is entirely water-permeable, which just makes life so much easier when it comes to praying. Personally, I like the idea that it allows water through and just allows my nails to breathe better.

The brand is all about love, loving others, loving yourself and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

My heart could lie easy, but could my nails? The snobbish part of me doubted that such a product would give me the beautiful smooth finish that the “cruelty-filled” products offered. But it’s better than nothing so I gave it a try and wow, was I wrong. I would buy one and then see another one I liked and go round and round in circles; a never-ending love-affair.

I could barely hold back my excitement when the parcel arrived: each nail polish had been so carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed into a gorgeous box. I almost didn’t want to open and ruin the beauty, it just felt like the best possible gift to myself. The beautiful shades were so gorgeous. What really sold me was the pigmentation; I expected a permeable nail polish to be more watery but these were perfect.

Only a few coats (if that!) were necessary for a super smooth finish.

Courtesy of Mitta Thakrar

Moreover, they made me feel good, knowing that I was doing things the right way.

Every time I’d look at my nails it’d reaffirm my resolution to go through life honestly, in a way that would not hinder others. I’d treat myself to a new shade whenever things got a little hard and it serves as a constant reminder of who I am and the way I’ve chosen to live my life.

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Courtesy of Mitta Thakrar

My only complaint is that they aren’t easily available in stores. I’m known for spending hours roaming around and being able to see the shades in person makes all the difference. Out of the 19+ nail polish brands stocked at Sephora, I was shocked to find out that only six could be counted as “cruelty-free.” The big brands sound so great, but when it comes down to it they don’t benefit anyone except the seller.

It honestly makes no sense to me when there is a kinder alternative available like Tuesday in Love, which benefits animals, charity, and my nails with those killer shades.

It begs the question – why is such an ethical, healthy, and love-infused brand not being taken on by more retailers like Sephora? I can sit around and complain about it all I want but it won’t make a difference.

And I am all for making a difference.

So this is me calling out Sephora. I mean, have they even looked into Tuesday in Love? For a retailer that thrives on feminity – it is majorly lacking in the self-love department!

I will not rest until every gorgeous shade of Tuesday in Love is in every Sephora store and if you knew what was good for your nails (and the world), you wouldn’t, either. Send them an email, tweet, hand-written letter – whatever method you prefer. Because a small change could impact so many lives out there and hey, if I get myself banned from Sephora – I guess that is what suffering for true love really is.

Besides, what better way to celebrate than to enter to win your own amazing set of nail polish in every color of the rainbow?

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