The Hottest Halal Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2024

The Hottest Halal Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2024


As the summer season approaches, it's time to revamp your nail polish collection with the trendiest and most vibrant colors. We've got the hottest halal nail polish colors for Summer 2024, ensuring that you can flaunt the latest trends with the world's best halal nail polish from Tuesday in Love.


This summer, coral hues are stealing the spotlight. A vibrant mix of pink and orange, coral nail polish is perfect for adding a pop of color to your manicure. Star Girl is our classic Coral Pink and is a great shade for all skin tones. If you're looking for more of a neon orange with pink undertones, you'll love Hugs & Kisses.


Pastels The Hottest Halal Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2023

Pastel colors are a timeless choice for the summer season. Soft pinks, mint greens, baby blues, and lavender shades will create a serene and feminine look for your nails. Our summer favorites are:

Summer Crush - Baby Pink

the hottest halal nail polish for summer

Swoon - Light Mint Green with a shimmer finish

Baby Boy - Medium light blue  The Hottest Halal Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2023

Hold My Hand - Light lavender

 summer colors halal nail polish

Sunny Yellows 

Yellow is a sunny and uplifting color that complements the summer vibe perfectly. Opt for vibrant shades like Sunshine or softer, buttery tones for a more subtle look - Sipping Lemonade is a great shade. 

Tropical Teals

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the captivating teal shades. This cool and refreshing color evokes images of clear blue seas and lush palm trees. Precious has become one of our best sellers this summer, but if you're looking for a more classic teal, then Puppy Love might be your new favorite.

Bold Reds

Classic and timeless, a bold red nail polish is a must-have for any season. This Summer 2024, opt for vibrant and fiery red shades that exude confidence and glamour. For a bright red with shimmer finish, check out Heat. If you want more of an orange red shade, then Love Bug is the color for you.

Metallics  The Hottest Halal Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2023

For those who like a touch of opulence, metallic nail polish colors are here to make a splash this summer that will be sure to add a touch of glamour to your manicure. Our best summer seller is Between Us which is a Gunmetal grey with gold undertones and pearl shimmer finish. 

Bonus - To create the ultimate summer shimmer, try using our Holographic Topcoat "Soulmate" over any of your favorite Tuesday in Love colors!

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