What is Halal Nail Polish?

What is Halal Nail Polish? The Complete Guide to Halal Nail Polish: Understanding its Importance and Criteria

In recent years, the halal cosmetics industry has experienced significant growth, catering to the needs of Muslims seeking products that align with their religious beliefs. From skincare to makeup, one product category that has gained attention is halal nail polish. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the concept of halal nail polish, exploring its significance and criteria for qualification.

Understanding the Concept of "Halal"

In Islamic teachings, the term "halal" refers to what is permissible. It encompasses various aspects of life, including the consumption of food, clothing, and cosmetics. For a product to be considered halal, it must adhere to two fundamental requirements:

  1. Ingredients and Production: Halal products must be free from any substances or processes that Islam deems impermissible (haram). This includes avoiding ingredients derived from pork and intoxicants like alcohol. Furthermore, the sourcing and production practices should comply with halal standards, ensuring no animal cruelty, child labor, or wrongful practices.

  2. Water Permeability: Halal nail polish, in particular, needs to meet an additional criterion. It should be water permeable, allowing water to reach the skin. This feature is essential because Muslims perform ritual ablution (wudu) before prayer, which involves cleansing with water. Non-permeable nail polish creates a barrier, requiring its removal before performing wudu.


What is ‘Halal Nail Polish?’


Defining "Halal Nail Polish"

To qualify as halal nail polish, a product must fulfill the two main requirements discussed above. It should be free from impermissible ingredients and manufactured in a facility that avoids contamination from substances like pork and alcohol. Additionally, the nail polish must be water permeable, allowing water to reach the skin during wudu.

Significance to the Muslim Community

Muslims adhere to the practice of praying five times a day, necessitating the performance of wudu each time. Traditional nail polish forms a non-breathable barrier, hindering the contact of water with the skin and requiring its removal before prayer. Halal nail polish, with its water permeability, eliminates this inconvenience and allows Muslim women to maintain their nail polish while performing wudu.

Challenges in Finding Halal Nail Polish

Although the concept of halal nail polish seems straightforward, finding certified products can be challenging. Many companies claim to offer "breathable" nail polishes, but the scientific validity of their claims is often questionable. To ensure credibility, it is advisable to seek certification from reputable organizations such as ISNA Canada (The Islamic Society of North America).


Breathable Nail Polish is Only Certified for Ingredients

Many breathable nail polishes are only certified for INGREDIENTS and thus their halal certification is misleading. Although it is important for cosmetics to have halal ingredients, for the purposes of wudhu, the permeability factor is a must. Therefore, it is always advised to examine the claims of these brands before investing in their nail polish. 

what is halal nail polish orly breathable certifcation

Lab Testing Proves Breathable Nail Polish is Not Water Permeable

In recent years, many of these breathable nail polish brands have also attained certifications from various laboratories that test them for water permeability. However, when these lab results were examined, it was found that they did not provide any evidence for full water permeability for the purposes of wudhu. 

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SGS Labs recently released a statement saying that the method they used for testing breathable nail polish is not sufficient to conclude that it is permissible for the purposes of doing wudhu. Unfortunately, many halal certification agencies are not aware of the false claims made by breathable brands such as 786, Orly, Mersi, Maya Cosmetics, and others. Such brands continue to mislead customers with their false claims as well as mislead Islamic scholars and halal certification agencies.

Tuesday in Love's Halal Certification

Tuesday in Love's Water Permeable Nail Polish stands out as the first product to undergo and pass the rigorous halal certification tests conducted by ISNA Canada and the HCSC (Halal Certification Services of Canada). Not only does it adhere to halal ingredients and manufacturing processes, but it has also received certification through a valid water permeability test. Moreover, Tuesday in Love's nail polish is both halal and vegan, aligning with the principles of cruelty-free and child labour free production.

Each batch of our nail polish is tested to ensure that water passes through without the addition of any added pressure or rubbing. Under the pressure of running water, the permeability of our nailpolish is almost instantaneous. Therefore, you can perform wudhu as you normally would. 

Differentiating Halal and Vegan Nail Polishes

While halal products may include animal-derived ingredients sourced and slaughtered according to Islamic requirements, vegan nail polishes exclude all animal products. Tuesday in Love's halal nail polish is not only halal but also vegan, ensuring that it does not contain any animal-derived substances. Furthermore, the brand has received recognition from the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals or Leaping Bunny, solidifying its commitment to cruelty-free practices.


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Halal nail polish provides an excellent solution for Muslims seeking to maintain their religious practices while expressing their personal style. By adhering to halal criteria and being water permeable, it offers convenience and ease in performing wudu without the need to remove the nail polish. To learn more about the scientific aspects and misconceptions surrounding halal nail polish, you can refer to our latest video featuring Dr. Sarah Habibi.


Have questions or concerns? We're happy to answer! You can email us directly at info@tuesdayinlove.com. You can also contact our halal certifying agency ISNA Canada at halal@isnacanada.com, or The Halal Certification Services of Canada (HCSC) at info@halalcertificationcanada.com.

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