Worst Makeup Looks for 2024

Worst Makeup Looks for 2024


Every year has its fair share of makeup trends, some of which are amazing and some of which...not so much. If you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, it's important to know which trends to avoid. Here are six of the worst makeup looks that you should steer clear of in 2023.

worst makeup 2022 eyeliner

Overuse of eye liner

We've seen this trend come and go over the years, and it always manages to find its way back into popularity eventually. However, in 2023 we think it's finally going to meet its demise once and for all—thank goodness! There's nothing wrong with doing a little bit of experimentation with your liner from time to time, but wearing thick lines all around your eyes is just too much.

Matte lips gone wrong Worst Makeup Looks for 2022

Matte lips can be beautiful when done right, but all too often they end up looking dry and cracked instead. If you're going to rock a matte lip in 2023, make sure to prep your lips first with a lip scrub and a hydrating balm so that your lipstick goes on smoothly and evenly. 

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Overdrawing the lips

Lip liner was all the rage in the 90s and 2020, but in 2023, people are starting to pull back on this trend. Overdrawing your lips can make them look unnatural and can even make your whole face look out of proportion. If you're looking for a fuller lip, opt for a lip plumping gloss instead.          

contouring worst makeup 2022 

Over-the-top contouring Worst Makeup Looks for 2022

We've all seen the pictures: thick, dark lines around the nose and jaw, heavily sculpted cheekbones, and a forehead that looks like it's been shaded with a black Sharpie. This trend is best left in the past where it belongs. In 2022, opt for a more natural look by using light, neutral shades to subtly enhance your features.

highlighting worst makeup 2022 

Excessive highlighting

Just like with contouring, less is definitely more when it comes to highlighting. A little bit of shimmer on your cheekbones or down the center of your nose can give you a gorgeous glow, but layering on too much product will just leave you looking greasy.

Worst Makeup Looks for 2022

Wearing too much foundation

We've all been there—you put on your foundation and it looks great, so you keep adding more and more until your face feels heavy and cakey. Foundation is supposed to even out your skin tone, not cover your entire face. Use a light hand when applying foundation and build up coverage gradually until you're happy with the results.


There you have it—four of the worst makeup looks that you'll want to avoid in 2023! Remember, when it comes to makeup, less is almost always more; stick to classic looks that enhance your natural beauty instead of trying to create an entirely new (and often bizarre) persona for yourself. Trust us, you'll thank us later!

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