Clinical Study

tuesday in love clinical study

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Clinical Study

Tuesday in Love's halal nail polish has been tested and confirmed to be water permeable without any added rubbing or added pressure. Unlike breathable brands of nail polish, our patented formula uses our unique TIL permeability complex to restructure the nitrocellulose base of the nail polish. This means that it makes the nail polish water permeable at the molecular level. Our clinical study has shown that our nail polish is permeable up to 2 coats.

Why we Don't Use K-Polymer clincal study

Breathable nail polish brands have been using K-Polymer in their formulas to make it breathable. K-Polymer is what's used in contact lenses to make them breathable for the purposes of allowing moisture to go through. The problem with this approach is that unlike contact lenses, nail polish is not a silicone based compound. Nail polish (or laquer) is nitrocellulose based, and therefore, K-Polymer does not behave the same way in nail polish as it does in contact lenses (or silicone products). This means that no matter how much K-Polymer is added to nail polish, it will never actually allow water to pass through.

Halal Certification Testing Standards clinical study

Tuesday in Love Halal Nail Polish is also tested by the staff and certifying body of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA Canada). Each batch of our nail polish undergoes standardized testing using medical grade filters and controlled testing environments. This is done to ensure that our nail polish meets the strict requirements of halal compliance and high quality standards. Along with our clinical study, our halal certification ensures that our products will give you the comfort and confidence you need.