Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin Tones


If you have dark or deep skin tones, some of the most flattering colors for your hands will be bright or dark pinks such as California Girl and Unicorn Magic. Sky blue colors like Baby Boy and light greens like Her Smile are also very attractive for darker skin. Your go to glam colors are nudes or browns with shimmer. These include colors such as Truffle and Boom!


Hijabs for Dark Skin Tones

Girls with dark skin tones are quite lucky as their unique and versatile skin tone can pull of almost any color of hijab. However, it is best to avoid those colors that come close to your tone as they might blend too closely and look lost. Some of our favorite colors to consider from be Cinta (coral), Jecayl (light pink), Amour (light brown) and Lyublyu (mint green). The classic go to hijab for girls with dark skin is white or ivory. Therefore, Ai (cream white) is a great investment for your collection.


Lipsticks for Dark Skin Tones

The trick to finding the perfect lipstick color for your lips is simply this: get a lipstick color that is a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips.  It is as simple as that.If you have dark skin, you should pick lipstick colors with deep reds, deep browns or chocolate. Favorites from the Tuesday in Love collection include LOL (deep crimson red), H8R (deep smokey cranberry), and L8R (deep chocolate brown). An added bonus is adding some glitter with one of our Glitter Liquid Lipsticks. Against darker skin tones, glitter is the ultimate glam up!




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