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What is Halal Makeup?

Halal Makeup - The word "Halal" means permissible in Arabic. It describes anything that is allowed according to Islamic Law.

Many makeup products contain animal product or byproduct which can be derived from pigs or animals that are not slaughtered through Islamic tradition.

Another important aspect of Halal Makeup is how it is sourced, produced and tested. Many companies around the world test their makeup and cosmetics on animals. These companies will test products on animals in order to make sure that the ingredients are safe for humans. This practice however is not Halal, as Islam prohibits cruelty towards animals. Thus in order for makeup to be truly halal, it should also be cruelty free.

Many companies also source their makeup through child labor. This is also not Halal, as Islam prohibits any sort of exploitation or abuse towards other human beings. Halal Makeup should be sourced from a country where the people are treated fairly and have an opportunity to work in safe conditions for fair wages.

All our products are made in Canada and are cruelty free. We also make sure that our packaging is made from recycled materials in order to reduce waste production and serve the environment.

Tuesday in Love is proud to support Islamic Relief Canada in its mission to provide aid to children and families around the world. By providing healthcare, education, and essentials, we help prevent the use of child labour in the manufacturing of cosmetics.

All our halal makeup and cosmetics are also halal certified by ISNA Canada for the highest quality standards and strict development regulations. For more information please feel free to contact ISNA Canada directly at halal@isnacanada.com.

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