Hijabs and Accessories

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Hijabs and Accessories

hijabs and accessories

A hijab is a symbol of modesty and privacy for Muslim women. It’s important to have the right accessories that will help you wear your hijab in different and comfortable ways. But to make sure your hijabs always look their best follow some of our favorite tips.

Keep them Hung Up hijabs and accessories

Hijabs should be hung on a hanger that is wide enough for it to drape naturally when you place it, and to make sure that they don't slip off the hanger, it's best to invest in a set of hangers with either velvet covering or grip.

Also, be sure to hang your hijabs in a way that they'll never touch any other clothes. The best place for this is usually at the very top part of the closet so you can easily grab them as needed and not have to worry about damaging anything else!

If you prefer keeping your hijabs in a drawer then make sure you have them folded in a way that they don't touch any other fabrics.

Hijabs made of silk or other high quality fabrics should be put on a hanger instead of in a drawer or hung around the room, to avoid damaging them from contact with anything else.


But what if you're one of those people who gets headaches due to wearing tight underscarves? One solution for this problem is using volumizing scrunchies that don't pull the hair down like elastic bands do.

Hair ties can be used as an alternative to a volumizing scrunchy, however they are not the best for everyday use because they pull your hair down and cause headaches in some people.

Scrunchies also come in many different colors so you're able to find one that will match the color of your hijab so that it doesn't show through. Also, when wearing a hijab, it's important to make sure your scrunchie is made with a material that won't stick to your hijab. Tuesday in Love Volumizing Scrunchies are perfect because they're made with satin and are easy to put on.

Hijab Magnets

Unlike traditional hijab pins, they are easy to get on and off, whether you're wearing them for a quick errand or just running out the door. They also don't poke through your hijab and hair like traditional pins do. Best of all, you can find a beautiful variety of hijab pins on our website that helps add a bit of personality and dazzle to your hijab.