Halal Nail Polish Colors

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Halal Nail Polish Colors – You’ll Love our Selection

At Tuesday in Love we have one of the largest selections of halal nail polish colors available. Whether you’re looking for a classic nude, a cute pink, a daring red, or a quirky green, you’ll find the perfect color for your look.

What Makes our Halal Nail Polish Unique?

Unlike breathable brands of nail polish, Tuesday in Love’s water permeable formula is the only one of its kind that allows water to pass through the nail polish unassisted. That means no rubbing, or added pressure for permeability. You can perform your wudhu normally and not have to worry about the water reaching your nails. Our patented technology is proudly certified by ISNA Canada for ingredients and functionality. So you can pray with confidence.

Your Love is Changing the World - halal nail polish colors

Not only are Tuesday in Love products halal certified and cruelty free, but they are also child labor free. All our products are made in Canada with the highest quality standards. Also, proceeds from every sale are donated to Islamic Relief Canada helping children and families around the world. Your Love provides healthcare, education, clean water, and hope for a brighter future. 

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