4 Reasons to Celebrate Being a Muslim Woman

Celebrate Being a Muslim Woman

This year women around the world celebrated the sixth annual Muslim Women’s Day. And at Tuesday in Love, we believe that every day is a day to celebrate the amazing Muslim women in your life.

Muslim Women’s Day started in 2017 in response to Trump’s travel ban, and since then, has gained notoriety as the biggest day of the year for centering Muslim women and their stories. As a halal beauty and lifestyle brand that caters to Muslim women, not only does Tuesday In Love recognize this day, but we also wanted to give you a just a few more powerful reasons to continue celebrate being a Muslim woman.

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Islam teaches gender equality

While some Abrahamic religions might promote the concept of “original sin” to be brought on by Eve, (and hence place men in a position of superiority), the Quran says otherwise. The Quran says Adam and Eve were created from the same soul, and while it assigns culpability to both Adam and Eve. It also mentions how both are equally valued. Muslims believe that we are born pure, and no one is born tainted or sinful because of their gender.

The Quran mentions gender equality in other verses as well, such as 9:71, “The men believers and the women believers are responsible for each other. They enjoin the good and forbid the evil, they observe prayers and give charitable alms and obey God and his Prophet,” and 16:97, “To whoever, male or female, does good deeds and has faith, we shall give a good life and reward them according to the best of their actions.” Equal doesn’t mean identical, however, and there are obviously differences between men and women, which may explain why men sometimes seem as if they are from another planet entirely. 

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Muslim women have a long history of being amazing

In fact, it was a woman who was the first follower of the Prophet Muhammad. The iconic Khadija bint Khuwaylid was not only responsible for helping spread Islam, but she was a Quraysh tribal leader and a very successful businesswoman. Another Muslim woman, Fatima Al-Fahri, created the first university, University of al-Qarawiyyin. Multiple Muslim-majority countries have had women hold the highest political office in the land, while countries like Canada and the United States still have not had their first woman leader. Throughout the history of Islam, Muslim women have accomplished so many legendary feats, serving as inventors, scientists, nation builders, military strategists, and other vital roles. 


Islam gave and protects women’s rights.

There are so many negative stereotypes about Muslim women and Islam, but the truth is that Islam actually gave Muslim women their rights far ahead of women in the Western world. Muslim women were granted the rights to marry who they wanted, divorce, inherit, own and sell property, to work and keep their earnings, and participate in civic activities such as voting with the advent of Islam in the seventh century. It took the Western world literally until the 20th century to catch up. 

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Islam protects women financially

Speaking of keeping your rights protected, Islam protects women financially as well. A woman’s husband is not entitled to any of her earnings, nor can he ask her to spend it on the household expenses. That’s his responsibility. He has virtually full responsibility for the household expenses. A woman contributing is doing so because she wants to, not because she is obligated to Islamically. So go ahead and stack your coins, sis!  

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