13 Halal Nail Polish Colors you Need for Back to School

13 Halal Nail Polish Colors you Need for Back to School

Going back to school can make anyone nervous. Looking and feeling your best are important for your self-confidence. After all, this could be the first impression you make on your teachers, professors and the people that could become your lifelong friends. While you have probably given plenty of thought to what clothes and shoes you’ll wear you might have overlooked your hands. They are our first point of contact with almost everyone as we shake hands with people we first meet. To help give you that polished first impression, Tuesday in Love has the best shades of nail polishes to make your hands match the person you want to be. 

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If you practice Islam, there might be uncertainties about nail polishes and other cosmetics being halal. This is why Tuesday in Love is the best brand for you. Tuesday in Love specializes in it's unique Halal Certified Water Permeable nail polish and Halal certified cosmetics. With revolutionary micro-pore technology, the nail polish allows water molecules to penetrate through to your nails. The Non-Peelable formula is a 10-Free nail polish that does not contain any harsh chemicals and is never tested on animals. Tuesday in Love's line of paraben free cosmetics are made in Canada and are Halal Certified by ISNA Canada. You can also feel good knowing that proceeds from every purchase are donated to charity helping underprivileged children around the world through Islamic Relief Canada.

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13 Halal Nail Polish Colors you Need for Back to School

Best Back to School Colors



If you’re planning to keep it low key, a nude shade is an excellent choice. First Kiss is a great choice if you just want a plain shade. If you want to add a little glitter to your nails, Truffle will do the trick. It’s a lovely nude that has undertones of glitter. And who says a nude has to be boring? When paired with Tuesdays in Love’s Glitterberry Eyeshadow Palette and one of our beautiful hijabs it makes a great look for any day of the week.

 halal nail polish first kiss nude truffle nude halal nail polish 

 13 Halal Nail Polish Colors you Need for Back to School


Who doesn’t love pink? From light to dark, these shades go well with almost everything and add a bit of femininity to your look. What About Us is a lighter pink shade that gives a lovely feel of the last bits of summer while Dream of You is just perfect for the fall!  If you’re looking for a brighter shade try California Girl or Hickey. Their bright shimmery tones are sure to make heads turn. 

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Reds 13 Halal Nail Polish Colors you Need for Back to School

While bold, red is always beautiful. Unicorn Magic is a lovely reddish pink while Love Bug is a blend of red and orange. These make for beautiful fall colours that will go perfectly with the foliage around you. If you are looking for a brighter red Heat is the one for you. 

 reds halal nail polish

Greens and Blues 13 Halal Nail Polish Colors you Need for Back to School

Blues and greens are amongst the hottest trends in nail polishes. From the lighter to the electric or even dark, Tuesday in Love has every shade you need. Green Machine is a mossy green that is excellent for the first day of school. Her Smile is a lovely seafoam green and goes great with denims. Bad Romance offers a more sophisticated tone and is a lovely dark shade. 

green machine halal nail polish

 her smile green halal nail polish

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While initially black used to be most popular with goths, it is now something everyone uses and is considered one of the most classic shades of nail polish. Midnight Dance is a lovely black glossy shade whether you have short nails or long. 

 midnight dance halal nail polish

For more great colors this fall, be sure to check out all the beautiful shades from Tuesdays in Love Halal Nail Polish and Cosmetics.


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