Choosing the right shade of Halal Nail Polish for your Professional Look

Choosing the right shade of Halal Nail Polish for your Professional Look

If you are a hard working-professional woman and or you also happen to be of Islamic faith, nail polish may not be something you either stress or think about. It's safe to assume that you spend most of the day in professional work wear, perhaps coupled with a hijab. So you may either go without nail polish, or you may even wear a simple clear coat. If not, you may be making some choice mistakes with your color selections. So here are a few helpful tips to give you a flattering finished and professional look. 

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Choosing the right shade of Halal Nail Polish for your Professional Look

Professional Shades Choosing the right shade of Halal Nail Polish for your Professional Look

It's generally safe to assume that in a professional environment, flashy bright red nail polish is not the best look. The different red shades may draw attention, but not necessarily in a positive professional way, as the flashy essence may not pair well with your modest and professional style. Thankfully, Tuesday in love offers a wide color selection of halal certified and water permeable nail polishes that are perfectly fit for your style in the work place. The most popular halal nail polish categories for professional women include nudes, pinks, and for a slightly more adventurous look, white, dark or light grey.


Favorite Colors of Love

The best pink shade for your professional look is Summer Crush. Although it would not be the best shade for the winter season, it can work perfectly in the spring, summer and even the fall months. This shade is a cute yet toned down light pink, that can go with almost any look.

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The best shade out of the nude collection is surely Truffle. This shade is fun and shimmery for a nude, but surely goes great with any workplace wardrobe. With rose gold undertones and glitter, it is sure to receive many compliments.

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Although darker shades can be slightly more pronounced, the right shade of grey can make a strong statement for any professional look. In this category, the favorite is Pillow Talk. This is a toned down grey color that goes on beautifully with just one coat. Not as basic as a white shade, or as gloomy looking as say a dark grey, but this color truly works if you are going for more of a monotone or even a monochromatic style.     

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Colors you should avoid in the workplace    Choosing the right shade of Halal Nail Polish for your Professional Look

As mentioned, red is such a bright and attention grabbing color that it may have negative affects to your professional style. Unless you work in the cosmetics or fashion industry, red is best avoided. Although it may be tempting to perhaps wear a burgundy shade it should be reserved for social events or to be paired with evening wear.

Metallic shades are very eye catching and make us swoon with excitement. However, they should also be avoided in the workplace as bright gold and silver tones seldom say “professional”. Ditch those shades for a rose gold toned shade or a deep grey instead.

Even though lighter pink shades work perfectly for the workplace, never make the mistake of wearing a hot pink or any purple shade, these can cause the same effects that wearing a red nail polish can bring.     

Bright blues and light green colors should only be left for special occasions or even weddings, as they can draw quite a bit of attention.

Halal Cosmetics 

If you have already fallen in love with the many different fun and professional nail polish shades, then you should be happy to hear of the selection of halal cosmetics offered by Tuesday in Love. The different makeup products offered are liquid foundation, matte liquid lipsticks, velvet matte liquid lipsticks, standard non-liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliner, and even brow products. All of these products are halal certified by ISNA and are made in Canada. Like the wide range of halal nail polishes, their color schemes are a perfect range for professional and workwear to day and evening wear.

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Have a suggestion for a professional color? Let us know which colors provide the perfect finish to your daily look.

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