How to Make the Most Of the Last Nights of Ramadan

How to Make the Most Of the Last Nights of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan has gone by so quickly this year; it’s hard to believe that we’re in the last ten nights. Here’s how to make the most of the remaining Ramadan nights.

The last ten nights of Ramadan are the most blessed, as Laylatul Qadr happens during these nights. According to a Hadith narrated by Aisha, she reported that the Prophet said, “Look for Laylatul Qadr on an odd-numbered night during the last ten nights of Ramadan.” (Bukhari)


Laylatul Qadr means “Night of Power.” This blessed night is described in the Quran as being “better than a thousand months.” (97:3) What a blessing that one night of worship can give us the rewards of more than a thousand months! That means any acts of worship you do on Laylatul Qadr will give you more blessing than if you were to do it for a thousand months. To put this into perspective, a thousand months is 83 years, which is longer than a lifetime for some of us! Acts of worship you can perform include praying, doing dhikr, giving charity, and reciting Quran. Here are some ways to make sure you’re making the most out of these last few nights of Ramadan.

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Give It Your All During the Last 10 Days

It’s sunnah to increase your worship during the last 10 nights. Aisha narrated that, “With the start of the last ten days of Ramadan, the Prophet used to tighten his waist belt and used to pray the whole night, and used to keep his family awake for the prayers.” (Bukhari) In other words, she relayed that the Prophet used to work harder and worship more during the last ten nights of Ramadan.


It’s important to prioritize spirituality and worship during this time, but if you’re unable to manage due to responsibilities that cannot be postponed or due to health, focus on the odd-numbered nights. This would be the 21st, 25th, 27th, and 29th nights of Ramadan, as this is when the Prophet reported we should watch for Laylatul Qadr. 


Pray for Forgiveness

It’s said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) would pray for forgiveness during the last ten nights. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said “Whoever prays on Laylatul Qadr out of faith and sincerity, shall have all their past sins forgiven.” (Bukhari).


The Prophet advised to make the following dua: “Allahumma, innaka Afuwwun Karimun, tuhibbu al-afwa fa’afu anna,” which translates to “O Allah, indeed You are pardoning and generous; You love to forgive, so forgive us.”

How to Make the Most Of the Last Nights of Ramadan

Read Surat Al-Ikhlas Three Times Each of These Nights

Reading this is as if you read a third of the Quran. So reading it three times is like completing the entire Quran. Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: The Prophet said to his companions, “Is it difficult for any of you to recite one third of the Quran in one night?” This suggestion was difficult for them so they said, “Who among us has the power to do so, O Allah’s Apostle?” Allah's Apostle replied: ” Allah (the) One, the Self-Sufficient Master Whom all creatures need.’ (Surat Al-Ikhlas 112.1–to the End) is equal to one third of the Qur’an.”  (Bukhari)

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If you read Surat Al-Ikhlas three times on Laylatul Qadr, you would be rewarded as if you read the entire Quran daily for 83 years.


Inshallah these tips are beneficial for you, and will bring you many blessings in this life and the next. What are your favorite ways to take advantage of the last 10 nights of Ramadan? Drop a comment and let us know. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @tuesdayinlove.

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