Is Perfume Halal?

Is Perfume Halal?

Perfumes and cosmetics have been a part of Isamic history for hundreds of years. Grooming and cleanliness is not only recommended in Islamic practice, but is also a requirement for daily activities and religious obligations. Therefore, when it comes to the use of perfumes, it was recommended for practicing Muslims with certain guidelines.

One of the hadiths that is often referred to in regards to perfume (specifically towards women), is the use of perfumes by women in a public setting outside her home or in the company of non family members (excluding her husband). Based on various translations of the hadith, a woman is not to wear perfume in public which can attract the attention of men. Scholars have also established various hadith that warn women not to wear perfume to the mosques for the same reason. In her house however, or in the company of family and her husband, or in the company of other women, she may wear any perfume she desires.

For men, various hadith interpretations require them to wear perfume, especially when attending the mosques.

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Can you wear perfume made with alcohol? is perfume halal

Another common questions asked in relation to perfumes is whether or not they can be worn if they are made with alcohol. Unlike perfume oils from the Islamic era, modern day perfumes and designer colognes are mostly a combination of scented oils added to alcohol carriers. Depending on the type of perfume, the alcohol content can be anywhere from 40-90% alcohol. According to various scholars, the type of alcohol used is considered to be of a “pure” form. This means that it’s made in a lab through chemical processing and not through a fermentation process that we see in the production of drinking alcohol (like wines and beer).

For this reason, many scholars have said that because this type of alcohol is not meant for consumption, and can not cause any kind of intoxication when applied to the skin, it is permissible to use. It’s similar in the context of how hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohol can be used for their designated purposes. There are however, a handful of scholars that say if possible, it’s best to use perfumes that are free of alcohol (ie oil based perfumes).

You can check out the following link on Mufti Menk's explanation on the use of Alcohol in Perfumes

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What does Science say about Alcohol in Perfumes?

When alcohol comes in contact with your skin cells, it can destroy the skin’s protective surface by drying out keratinocytes. This can make your skin more susceptible to infections, inflammation and possible allergic reactions. Alcohol is also a pro-ageing chemical, and with regular use, it can cause fine lines and wrinkles by consistently drying out the skin.

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