How to Pick the Right Halal Nail Polish for your Skin Tone

How to Pick the Right Halal Nail Polish Shade According to Your Skin Tone

Have you ever wondered why a certain color may look great on somebody, but just okay on you, or vice versa? Color lives in everything around us, and people use color to explore who they are. COVID-19 has changed the way a lot of people express themselves. Nowadays, many makeup looks are highlighting the eyes, as wearing masks in public has become the new norm.

Casual wear and athleisure are dominant forces in the fashion world today since most classes and jobs are running remotely. In addition to these trend shifts, nail design has also been the main focus in people’s lives since the start of the pandemic. Since many of us are spending more time at home, we have the opportunity to try out new nail designs and styles, but what about nail color? There are so many options to choose from when it comes to color, so how do you decide where to start? Which ones are going to make you look and feel your best? It all starts with skin tone. nail polish skin tone

Understanding Skin Tones nail polish skin tone

While there is a wide range of skin tones, undertones only fall into four categories that are easy to remember: warm, olive, cool, and neutral. According to Skin Care Geeks, you have warm-colored skin if you have a golden and peachy undertone and olive skin if you have a yellow or green undertone. If you’re cool, your undertone will be more pink or blue, and if you’re neutral, you may be in between, as your skin may not appear to have either a warm or cool undertone. Knowing what type of undertone you have can be helpful in choosing what colors to add to your wardrobe or makeup collection, but it can also be handy in choosing nail colors.  

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How to Pick the Right Halal Nail Polish Shade According to Your Skin Tone

According to Healthline, if you have a warm undertone, then you’ll look best in bright colors. When choosing a nail color, you can play around with neons, nudes, and golden shades. You can really pack a punch with a bright neon green in the summertime. Tuesday In Love's neon green shade called Love Note is a perfect pick for those warm, sunny days. If you’re apprehensive about going down such a bold route, a nude shade that resembles your skin tone will pair nicely with any outfit you put together.

Tuesday in Love’s Boom! and She’s the One are just a couple of nude shades we offer to those of us on the warmer side. Since warm skin is made up of peachy and golden colors, it’s only natural that these same shades will work on your nails. You can go for a peachy pink color or a radiant sunshine shade. You can pretty much wear the colors of a vivid sunset and look stunning.

love note nail polish skin tone

boom halal

nail polish skin tone shes the one   nail polish skin tone

For Olive Undertones How to Pick the Right Halal Nail Polish Shade According to Your Skin Tone

If you have an olive undertone, your best bet is to go down a more earthy route, according to Healthline. For example, you can effortlessly rock a forest green or chestnut brown. Tuesday in Love’s Better with You is a unique xanadu shade that would look great on someone with an olive undertone. Anything that does not deviate too far from your natural hue is sure to suit you best, and of course, nudes are applicable here too. A color that is too bright or warm can make you appear greener than you actually are and potentially make you look ill. We all want to look and feel our best!

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nail polish skin tone better with you

For Cool Undertones  nail polish skin tone

If you have a cool undertone, it’s open season on berry shades for you! You can go for purples and reds with pink undertones, or you can try out corals and pinks. Tuesday in Love’s Unicorn Magic is a fun berry shade that would work perfectly for cool-toned individuals. Don’t be alarmed though, your options are not limited to berry shades.

As long as you don’t wear any starkly bold colors, like a true red or blue, you’re golden…er, well, cool. According to InStyle, you can go down the warmer route and explore mossy or turquoise shades too, like Tuesday in Love’s Ice Ice Habibi! (Pssst, just a reminder that a nude is always an option as well.)

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how to pick the right nail polish for your skin tone ice ice   

For Neutral Undertones

Finally, if you have a neutral undertone, you may want to go for something, well, neutral. According to InStyle, latte brown or creamy eggshell is going to bring out the best in you, but you can play with suitable shades on the warm and cool spectrums as well since your neutral undertone allows for some wiggle room. Tuesday in Love’s First Kiss is a lovely option. Oh, and did I mention nudes?

first kiss nail polish skin tone nude shadesnail polish skin tone

Figuring out what undertone you carry can bring out the best in you and make picking out items to add to your wardrobe and cosmetic collections seamless. However, you can truly wear whatever you’d like and still look and feel your best! Confidence is key. This guideline is not meant to limit your creative expression in any way, rather it is meant to enhance it. It gives those of us who are unsure of what colors we’d like to wear a baseline to start from. Every skin tone is beautiful and all of us can explore the beauty and allure of color however we see fit.

Tuesday in Love has an impressive collection of colors and hues that makes finding a shade easy and fun. Check them out today!

How to Pick the Right Halal Nail Polish Shade According to Your Skin Tone

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