How to Apply Halal Eyeliner Like a Pro

How to Apply Halal Eyeliner like a Pro

Apply Eyeliner like a Pro - Sounds tough? Not unless you use these tips.

A History on Eyeliner

Most historians believe that eyeliner was first used by the Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamia. Not only was it used cosmetically, but it also played an important role in protecting the skin from the desert sun. Some ancient civilizations also wore it to protect themselves from the “evil eye.”  Eyeliner was produced from different minerals, including copper and antimony. The Western world was later introduced to eyeliner when King Tut’s tomb was discovered in the early 20th century.

Choosing the Right Eyeliner How to Apply Halal Eyeliner like a Pro

The application of liquid eyeliner is a step that’s often done after applying eye shadow and before mascara. Liquid eyeliner comes in two popular forms, dip brush and felt tip. The dip brush eyeliner is basically a container with a brush that’s attached to the cap. The felt tip eyeliner is similar to a marker and has the eyeliner fed through like a pen. Make sure that your eyeliner isn’t clumpy so that you get that smooth even finish. You can try using both types to see which feels most comfortable for you, and delivers the best results for you makeup skill set.

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Liquid liner vs felt

Quick tips on How to Apply Eyeliner

Having a steady hand is perhaps the biggest challenge when applying eyeliner. Therefore, it may take you a couple of tries before you get the desired look, and you may find yourself wiping off crooked lines a few times. But don’t give up – with persistence comes perfection. If you’re not ambidextrous, crossing your hands over to do the other eye may help.

Try drawing on your eyelids with short dashes instead of a single line. This helps minimize the unevenness you might experience. Then, connect the dashes with short strokes and even out any uneven edges.

On the outer edges of our eyelid, be sure to add a tail that extends beyond the eye. This helps give the illusion of a continuation of your natural lash line and helps draw attention to the eyes. Be sure to extend the line upwards on your upper lash line.

Once you’ve completed the application of your eyeliner, you can apply your mascara and finish off applying any other makeup.  If you’ve made any small mistakes with your eyeliner, you can use makeup remover with a Q-tip for smaller details.

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Safety First  How to Apply Eyeliner

There are some important safety tips you should know when working with any kind of cosmetics close to your eye. Firstly, if you accidentally get any in your eye, rinse your eyes thoroughly with warm water and gently wipe the entire affected area. If you accidentally poke yourself in the eye with the eyeliner applicator brush or felt tip, use a warm damp washcloth and gently apply slight pressure to your closed eye until the pain subsides.  Make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in the eyeliner. You can check by performing a wrist test. Simply apply a small dab of the makeup on your wrist to see if your skin reacts to it. And it’s always  a good idea to always look for cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and paraben free.

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