Hair Oil for Women Who Wear Hijab

Hair Oil for Women Who Wear Hijab

Tuesday in Love is pleased to announce it has launched a highly innovative hair oil for women who wear hijab. Hair care oils and treatments have been around for centuries but, for many women who wear hijab, there has never been hair oil specifically designed for the daily damage and stress their hair goes through – until now.

CEO and inventor of Tuesday in Love halal nail polish, Dr. Umar Dar, has created what may be the world’s first hair oil specifically designed to improve the strength and growth of hair for women who wear hijab. The unique proprietary blend is composed of organic oils and Vitamin D and B-complex.

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“What makes this formula unlike any other hair oil in the market is that it takes into consideration that women who cover their hair for long periods of time put their hair through different types of environmental stress,” says Dr. Dar. “Factors such as increased scalp temperature, higher oil and sweat secretion, and reduced exposure to natural light create a harsh environment for hair.”

By addressing these specific requirements, Tuesday in Love’s new hair oils have provided a much needed solution for an underserved market. The new formulation is also beneficial for women who may need to cover their hair in the workforce (surgeons, nurses, chefs, sanitation etc).

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Also included in the line is organic Argan hair oil that has often been used for conditioning the hair. Available in a 2ml bottle, the hair oil is priced competitively at $24.95 Canadian and is available from the Tuesday in Love website at

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