Halal Lipsticks and the Secrets to Rocking Red

Halal Lipsticks and the Secrets to Rocking Red

Wearing bright red lipstick can be intimidating for some women. Many of us feel that a red lipstick may be far too bright and bold for our personal look and that it may draw too much attention to our lips. However, a secret that many makeup experts know is that red lipstick can make the lips very alluring if applied correctly with the right shade. When applied correctly, red lipstick can make the lips look plump and luscious without making them the center of attention on your face.

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Halal Lipsticks and the Secrets to Rocking Red

Based on human biology, red lips indicate healthy blood flow in the body, and thus also play a role in signaling female fertility and fertile health. It wasn’t until much later on that red lips became more of a fashion statement rather than a biological indicator.


2 Rules for the Perfect Red Lipstick

As much as women shy away from wearing red lipstick because it can look showy and obvious, there is actually a way of applying it to the lips that will make the red subtle enough and will not make it appear garish.  To achieve this, there are two important factors that need to be considered: The tone of your skin, and the size of your lips.


A key principle to remember when wearing red lipstick is that lighter or paler your skin tone, the more pronounced your lips will look with red lipstick. Therefore, it’s important to match the hue of your lipstick with the tone of your skin. If you have light skin with pink undertones, plum reds are more suited to you. Whereas if you have darker skin tones with warm or yellow undertones, your choice of red lipstick should include those mixed with shades of brown.

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Because red lipstick can draw more attention to the lips, it can create the illusion of larger lips. Therefore it’s important to consider the size of your lips when choosing a shade of red lipstick. If your lips are thin, bright reds can work in your favor to create bigger and more luscious lips. If you have thick and full lips, you may want to select a red that has brown or blue undertones.

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It’s important to remember that these rules are not set in stone. After all, if you’re the kind of person who wants to make a bold statement and try something outside your comfort zone, a bright red lipstick is a great way to have some fun with your makeup. 

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