Nail Polish Personality - What Does Your Halal Nail Polish Say About You?

Nail Polish Personality - What your color choice is saying



Red is the color of confidence and is a classic hue that exudes strength and power with a subtle flirty vibe.  The favorite among all shades, this traditional color is a cornerstone for any woman’s collection of nail polish and goes with almost any outfit and any occasion.

nail polish personality red

nail polish personality

Yellow nail polish personality

If you choose yellow t for your tips, you're definitely not afraid of standing out. Not only is it the first color the human eye notices, but it evokes happiness and energy.  Although not traditionally worn during colder seasons, its pastel and brighter tones are often a cute highlight for the spring and summer months.


If you’re often seen wearing shades of green, you may be the kind of person who gives great advice and a shoulder to lean on. Opposite of red, the color green represents safety and healing. As an earth-tone color, the calming effect of green is often reflective of someone who is well grounded and enjoys a peaceful atmosphere.

nail polish color personality green
nail polish personality

Blue nail polish personality

Shades of blue are associated with depth and stability. If you’re drawn to this color, you’re intellect and reliability may be your strongest traits. Often associated with calmness in the lighter shades, blue is also used symbolically to represent power and confidence when used in medium to darker shades.

halal nail polish blue

nail polish personality

Purple nail polish personality

A mixture of red and blue, this color provides beautiful hints of tranquility and spirituality. When used with deeper tones, a dark violet represents deep reflection as well as a strong link to your passionate and sensual side. Lighter shades of purple can often be linked to a spiritual connection with nature.

halal nail polish purple


If you love pink, then you definitely wear your heart on your sleeve. The deeper the pink, the more passionate you are. When mixed with neutral tones, it evokes a stronger sense of reliability and security. When mixed with red tones for brighter hues, it becomes reflective of intense passion and excitement.

 nail polish personality

nail polish personality halal nail polish pink

Browns and Neutrals

Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength and reliability. It's often seen as solid and grounded, and it's a color is often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety.

brown halal nail polish



Crisp and clean, it represents purity and new beginnings. Whether white tips for a French manicure, or completely white nails, the essence of white nail polish is a good indicator that you appreciate the finer things in life and love attention to detail.  

halal nail polish white



No one is going to mess with you because black is powerful. Although black nail polish has often been seen as a trademark of the goth or emo girl, along with shades of grey, it has made its way into the power circle while maintaining a unique elegance of its own. If you love black, you’ve probably learned to love it in glossy, matte, or even glitter finishes.

 halal nail polish black


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