What Hijab Style Suits Your Face Shape?

What Hijab Style Suits Your Face Shape?

When it comes to choosing the right hijab style, it's important to know what type of face shape you have. Different facial features create various lines and curves that gives our faces their character and beauty. By wrapping your hijab with the right technique, you can create the perfect look for you to help highlight your best features.


Square face

A face with straight sides and a jawline that is slightly angled with a minimal curve is considered to be a square face. The width and height of the face is almost equal and the distance from temple to temple and jaw to jaw is almost the same.  The key to maintaining a balance with your hijab is to wear it loose around the sides of the face off-setting the lines of your jaw. Also, by wearing softer and lighter fabrics, you can balance the angles of your face.

square face hijab style

what hijab style suits

Round face

If you have a round face, then it’s almost like having a square face but with softer angles. While the cheekbones are the widest part of the face, the chin will be rounded and sides of the face have slight curves. When wearing your hijab, allow it to fall closer to your face creating straighter edges. However, don’t wrap it tightly around your face as this will accentuate the facial curves.  Also, avoid wearing your hijab too low on your forehead. If you want to be a bit creative, opt for hijabs with patterns and accessories with a pair of geometric sunglasses.

 round face hijab style

hijab and glasses


Heart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face has a forehead that’s the widest part of the face while the chin is pointed. To balance this face shape, wrap more layers of your hijab around the neck. If you prefer a tighter fitted hijab, you can try accessorizing with a heavy necklace or large earrings (this works if you wear your hijab in a turban style).

heart shape face hijab

Rectangular Face

Rectangular faces are similar to square faces but are greater in length than width. While there may be a slight curve to the chin, the width of the jawline, cheeks and forehead are similar throughout. The key to wearing a hijab with this face type is to either wear it low on the forehead, or to wear an under-cap that fits just above the brows.

rectangle face hijab style

rectangle face hijab girl


Diamond shaped face

Diamond shaped faces are similar to heart shaped faces, except the hairline is narrower. People with diamond shaped faces also have higher cheekbones and pointed chins. Once again, with sharper features, softness in the textures and layering of your hijab is the way to go. Avoid wearing your hijab tightly.

diamond face hijab style

Oval face

Similar to a rectangular face, people with oval faces have more length to their face than width. However, there are more curves to the sides of the face and chin. If you have an oval face shape then you can get away with almost any hijab style. However, maintain balance in your hijab style regardless of the way you wrap it. If you wrap tight around the face, keep it loose around the neck.

oval face hijab

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