5 Winter Weather Beauty Tips

Winter Weather Beauty Tips - 5 Ways to Keep your Skin Looking Great

Are you suffering from the winter beauty blues? Cold weather is great for cozy fashion and hot chocolate, but it can wreck your skin and hair. Here are some tips to stay glam, even when it’s cold outside.

Cold weather is a great excuse to stay home and snuggle up with blankets, a good book, and a hot chocolate – but it also has some not so fun effects on your skin and hair. The temperature changes can cause challenges you may not otherwise experience, such as frizzy hair, dry, flaky skin, and chapped lips. Thankfully, with a few tweaks to your beauty routine, you can put your best face forward…even when it’s freezing outside.


Stay Hydrated!

Your skin and hair are the last to get nourishment from everything you intake, so if you’re already not drinking enough water, your skin and hair are probably dry to begin with. Even if your water intake is adequate, moisturizer is still vital. The skincare you use in the spring/summertime may not work for you in the winter.


An oil-based moisturizer like our Rosehip Face Oil or Organic Pomegranate Face Oil is perfect for winter. You can also layer it, and apply an anti-aging cream like our Jojoba & Almond Anti-Aging cream for maximum benefits.


Don’t forget your lips and hair! Our hair oil set contains a combo of potent oils, including an argan oil formula, that will help hydrate, nourish, and de-frizz your hair, it also acts as a hair loss solutionKeep lips soft and smooth with our overnight lip mask that contains vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and antioxidants.


Well-moisturized skin and hair is plump and elastic-like…which is also why moisturized skin is vital to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Glow Little Rockstar

Glowing skin comes from healthy and hydrated skin. But you can totally fake your glow by mixing a highlighter or shimmer lotion in with your moisturizer or foundation, and/or finishing off with a powder highlighter. Tuesday In Love has beautiful powder highlighters: Magic, Fleek, and our highlighter duo. To use, apply highlighter powder to the places of your face light would naturally hit that you want to draw attention to, like your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, and right above the lip.

 winter weather beauty tips highlighter


Exfoliating before moisturizing is important. It removes the top layers of dead skin cells, which allows your skincare products and moisturizes to soak penetrate deeper and work better. You should exfoliate once a week. Don’t use body scrubs on your face; they’re way too harsh, and can actually damage your skin. Use products formulated for the face, such as our Exfoliating Clay Powder Mask. You can also make your own exfoliating mixes ; sugar on a warm washcloth can be used as a face scrub.

 winter weather beauty tips clay mask

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Even though it’s winter, you still need sunscreen. The sun’s damaging rays can penetrate through clouds and even windows, so if you don’t want to suffer from premature aging, skin damage, or God forbid, skin cancer, slather on some SPF. And yes, even Black people can get skin cancer; no one is immune.


Change It Up if you Need to

The majority of women have skin that’s oily during the summertime, and prone to dryness in the winter. Powder-based foundations are fantastic for summer…but when your skin is dry? Powder foundations look cakey and unnatural. Liquid or cream foundations are best for winter. Be sure to check out our selection of halal liquid foundations, designed with a proprietary anti-aging collagen formula that hydrates and helps reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.

winter weather beauty tips foundation 

So, no matter the weather, you can still stay fabulous! It just may require switching out some of your products for the season, and learning what your skin and hair need. Be sure to browse our other halal cosmetic and skincare products; you’re sure to find something you love!


What are your favorite winter beauty tips? Leave us a comment and tell us, and be sure to follow us on Instagram at @tuesdayinlove.



Winter Weather Beauty Tips



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