The #1 Breathable Nail Polish

Before we shed light on the top breathable nail polish brand in the world, let’s take a step back and talk about the unscientific claims currently swirling in the Halal nail polish industry.


Just a cursory check on the internet for Halal nail polish gives you dozens of results where brands claim to be compliant with Islamic principles. They say their nail polish products are “breathable” and therefore allow water vapor and oxygen to pass through the nail while doing wudhu.


#1 Breathable Nail Polish

Of course, it’s absolutely critical for water to pass through the nails otherwise the wudhu isn’t accepted and the prayer is considered to be incomplete. Traditional nail polish adds a solid layer on top of the fingernail and toenail which isn’t water permeable and, hence, renders wudhu invalid.


But nail polish doesn’t become Halal just because you say it is. Halal certification is a complex affair that must be accredited by a body that’s well-recognized in the Muslim world and has a solid understanding of both scientific and Islamic principles.


Most ‘breathable’ nail polish brands have only put out a few YouTube videos which they claim show that their product is water permeable and, therefore, Halal. There’s been no third-party verification nor any lab tests included. This is a poor indicator that a product is Halal, regardless of how much noise the company might make in this regard.


At Tuesday in Love, we take Halal claims very seriously. We’ve developed a unique water permeable nail polish that’s Halal certified by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).


Our products allow water molecules to pass through as we use a proprietary formula that’s completely free from chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and alcohol. None of our products are tested on animals and are made with the highest quality standards.


We are proud to say that we are the #1 Breathable nail polish and #1 Halal nail polish manufacturer in the world.


If you need more evidence, then take a look at the test we did about our brand vs another brand that claims to be fully Halal-compliant and water permeable. In this video, you can clearly see how difficult it is for that brand’s version of nail polish to allow water to seep through. It stays on the surface and does not absorb at all.

On the other hand, Tuesday in Love’s Halal nail polish lives up to its claim. We’re not just making things up; our certification from ISNA shows that the products were tested rigorously and extensively for water permeability by qualified chemists and Islamic scholars.


Almost all Muslim scholars are unanimous in their views that if something blocks your nail, then it isn’t acceptable from a prayer and wudhu standpoint. Water has to touch each and every single part of your body. Non-porous nail polish means it isn’t halal.


There’s no decree in Islam that doesn’t allow women to wear nail polish. If Muslim women wish to do so, then they can proceed. However, many choose not to because of its non-porous nature. That’s why Halal nail polish is a game changer, as you don’t need to engage in nail polish removal for each prayer. However, we urge those buying Halal nail polish to examine claims very carefully and not to take them at face value. Only wear Halal nail polish when you’re 100% satisfied that it meets the tenets of Islam.

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