Alka Seltzer Water Permeability Test for Halal Nail Polish

Alka Seltzer Water Permeability Test

Alka Seltzer Water Permeability Test

Many people have asked if our water permeability test can work on a hard surface rather than the usual paper towel experiment. So we figured out a fun way that you can do the permeability test using Alka-Seltzer (sodium bicarbonate and citric acid) right at home! Check out our latest video that shows you step by step how to do the new water permeability test at home.

Alka Seltzer Water Permeability

Step 1

Take Alka-Seltzer (sodium bicarbonate tablets) and paint them with your favorite Tuesday in Love Halal Nail Polish color. Be sure to cover all sides and edges thoroughly. If you're comparing with a breathable brand, be sure to do the same with a second tablet. Allow to fully dry.

Step 2

Place tablet(s) in a bowl of water and observe.

Once the water starts to penetrate through, the water will activate the sodium bicarbonate causing the tablet to start fizzing. Non permeable nail polish creates a solid barrier to the water and therefore that tablet will sit at the bottom of the bowl.


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